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          This software can come in many flavors:

          • Embed in an Ms Access database, it offers you several graphical interfaces to define your study area, your cameras and to load the images. You will see the image and several text/number/drop-down fields allowing you to describe the content of the image. Several fields are automatically completed, such as
            • the date and time of the picture,
            • if you are using Reconyx cameras, the temperature, moon phase, camera serial number etc.
            • defaults values you have chosen, such as the species or the camera location
          • You can also easily move the image to “processed” or “to be deleted” folders.

            Moreover, you will be able to navigate through your images.

            • pictures part or a multi-triggered event, such as when the camera takes 3 pictures at a 5 seconds interval
            • pictures part of a user-defined event, such as all images of a bear sitting in front of a camera
          • In a stand-alone EXE application
            • With an interface allowing you to describe the image, or,
            • Without displaying the images, you can save the attributes of each images contained in a folder to a csv/Excel/other file.
          • Raw code, in VB. You can get the image reader for the Reconyx cameras, where all available fields are saved in a variable. You can then develop your own application to manage this information.