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          There are several advantages using this software

          • It is FAST! For instance, writing in a database the file name, date and time of an image and moving it to another folder takes a minimum of 35 seconds by hand, versus a few milliseconds when using the software. Extracting other information (temperature, species, number of animals etc) can easily require more than a minute per image, versus a few seconds in my program.

            Think about it, for processing 10,000 images:

            Save date and filename in a database, move the file to another folder
            Manual entry 10,000 images * 35 seconds = 97 hours 12 days @ 8 hours per day
            Using the software 10,000 images * 0.009 sec = 1 minute 30 seconds Faster than getting a coffee
            Describe 14 fields (Site ID, Camera ID, Date, Time, Filename, Temperature, Moon Phase, Species, Group Size, Age Class, Sex, Weather, Activity, Travel Direction), Move the file to a processed folder
            Manual entry 10,000 images * 1 minute 30 seconds = 250 hours 31 days @ 8 hours per day
            Using the software 10,000 images * 10 sec = 27 hours 3.3 days @ 8 hours per day
            * Note: these time estimates do not consider the time required to visually interpret the content of the images.
          • It is error free. No more mix-up in the values (09H14 becoming 9H41 etc)! Ensure all text describing your image, such as the species name, are written exactly the same in all records.
          • Possible values, for all fields, are read from tables that you can edit. When describing an image, you can select a predefined value or type in a new one.
          • It is practical. In one screen, you can see the image, fill the record and manipulate the file.
          • It is 100% customizable. Based on your analysis requirements, I add or remove fields, include various file manipulation options (look at each image, group images per trigger event, group images in behavioral event etc), embed SQL queries or other logic to set your data in the desired format. Please see the example section.

            The solution to repetition is automation!